Thursday, March 27, 2008

paper plane launch aim

Japanese scientists and origami masters hope to launch a paper airplane from space and learn from its journey back to Earth.

A prototype passed a durability test in a wind tunnel this month and Japan's space agency adopted it Wednesday for feasibility studies.

A successful flight from space by an origami plane could have far-reaching implications for the design of re-entry vehicles or space probes for upper atmospheric exploration, said project leader Shinji Suzuki, a professor at Tokyo University's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

In a test outside Tokyo in early February, a prototype about 2.8 inches long and 2 inches wide survived Mach 7 speeds and broiling temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit in a hypersonic wind tunnel.

Breaking News!! Puerto Rican Governor charged with 19 counts!

Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila was charged today with 19 counts in a campaign finance probe, which included a conspiracy to violate U.S. federal campaign laws and give false testimony to the FBI.(what the hell was he thinking when coming up with that plan? seriously!)

The indictment also charged 12 others associated with Acevedo's Popular Democratic Party as a result of a two-year grand jury investigation, acting U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez said.

The 13 are accused of conspiring to illegally raise money to pay off Acevedo's campaign debts from his 2000 campaign to be the U.S. island territory's nonvoting member of Congress. I would not join this little scheme just to help a man pay off his campaign debts, they're his debts not everyone elses, so those that decided to help made a bad choice this time.

Acevedo, who is running for re-election as governor, will not be arrested, Rodriguez said. In my opinion I would have him arrested and strip him of his ability to run for re-election because what he did is not just something we an say is a forgive and forget case. But at least five others named in the indictment were led in handcuffs into the U.S. federal building in San Juan early Thursday morning.

"The governor will be permitted to turn himself in deference to his position," she said.

Acevedo has called the campaign finance probe a case of political persecution by federal officials, partly for his criticism of a September 2005 FBI raid in which a fugitive militant Puerto Rican independence leader was killed. Yea yea yea.... nothing but excuses just to give him a reason for his stupid acts.

His allegation has support in Puerto Rico, where many feel a deep-rooted nationalism and hostility toward the U.S. federal government. How stupid of them, they should realize that they should not hate our government because at least we never decided to make that territory another state, because then they would follow even stricter laws which is what they hate.

A Harvard-educated attorney and career politician, Acevedo, 45, served in Washington as the island's nonvoting delegate to Congress, and was elected governor in 2004 after campaigning on an anti-corruption platform.

Acevedo's party favors maintaining the island's semiautonomous relationship with the U.S. mainland. His leading opponent in this year's governor's race favors making Puerto Rico the 51st state. I wonder what that would be like, we would have to have our flags remade, history books rewritten, so many things would be affected. We'll see how this case goes for their governor, he'll probably get away with it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

free ways to make money, yea right!

Hey readers, you probably are looking for easy ways to make money, possibly online and for free. Well, these past few days I had been doing the same because we all need some extra money, but I came upon realizing something. None of those things you find will be for free! Some will appear to be for free, but then once you sign up you must sign up for "special offers" with other websites. Also, most websites that claim to give you free easy ways to make money online force you to buy those annoying ebooks. I mean really, having to buy things is now called "free?" I would just stick to doing something simple around the house like washing dishes, or other things, or simply just asking for an allowance if you don't get one. Now for those of you that are not underage to be asking for an allowance, then you might benefit from going around sending fliers for companies or maybe doing surveys (although really from the many people I know, survey websites do not offer many websites). So reall what I am saying, if you are looking for easy ways to make money, just do what works for you, do not buy those scams that most websites force you to buy.

'08 Campaign

So what do you guys think about this year's presidential nominees? Personally, I must say that I do have some respect for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, and that must make running for president the more pressurable; however, aside from that respect, I do not approve of her very much. In my opinion, John McCain and Barack Obama are the nominees to bring our country into a new phase. You see, my candidate is Barack Obama, a Democrat! I tend to approve only of Republicans, but in this case I am torn between both parties. I say that because if it comes down to Hillary and McCain, then with all my will, I will hope and wish that McCain wins, but if it comes between McCain and Obama, then I will want Obama, although if McCain was to win I would be comfortable with that result as well.

You might be wondering what do I have against Clinton? Well, my instincts do not trust her and lead me not to believe what she says. Recently, my instincts proved right when it was proved that she lied about Bosnia and when it was proven that her experience is that of any first lady, and that she continues to stretch the truth on things she says she has accomplished. I do know that Obama is not a saint as well, but he has more credibility. Yes many of you might have a different opinion of him after the Wright scandal, but honestly who cares? Everyone criticizes something, and honestly many people complain about this country, I do not approve of it, but hey that is their opinion! So to all those persons that are starting to say that we cannot have Obama as president because he is racist I must say, SMACK YOURSELF! Obama racist? Please that is absurd!! He has not criticized the white race at all, his pastor did, but he did not so that does not make him racist! Oh and McCain, well I have not heard anything that would cause me to think that you cannot believe what he says.

Well I stated some of my opinions here, well let me know what you think, everyone has opinions and I know many support Clinton as they do Obama and McCain, so it will be an interesting experience.

Crisis in Tibet

Recently there have been major protests in the province of Tibet. These protests have been on-going for a long time now because the people of Tibet are tired of decades of Chinese rule. There have been over 100 deaths of Tibetans under the hands of the Chinese government, a shameful fact. While the Chinese government proves correct when stating that no government would just sit and watch these massive violent protests against its people be performed, they refuse to understand that their response to the protests is a violation of human rights. In my opinion, China should just realize that eventually the people of Tibet will find a way to gain back their independence, as it is a known fact that communist troops invaded the province in the 1950s; furthermore, even though this is out of topic, it is only a matter of time until Taiwan does the same, since they too refuse to be under Chinese rule even though they have an agreement with China. All these problems are only a few that the Chinese government must deal with on a daily basis, and although it might seem sad, we must realize that China constantly violates human rights, especially of those who seem to steer away from approving of Chinese rule.